7 psychological tricks that you need to keep in mind while promotion

1. Naming the product as per market segment traits

It’s very important to understand the market segment you wish to serve. Every market segment have some common traits. In this post, Fast track company has been considered for the example purpose of every trick and it’s application in reality. So the market segmentation for the company is population age group from 15-25 years. The most common trait in these age group are – openness to experiment, rebellious, energetic, young and so on. The brand has to be smart enough to keep product name that reflects their traits. Even the promotion should be done by keeping traits in mind.

Example – fast track product range comes with unique name such as bikers range, all nighters, Hip Hop range etc.

2.Insert stimuli in advertisement

There has to be a stimuli which should make consumer act favourably towards brand. Being marketer your focus should be on SENSORY STIMULI – VISION. The vision stimuli is easy to implement in marketing. Pick up lines written in advertisement that makes you think about product help as a catalyst to speed up the process of need recognition. The lines should convey that the product is been launched to fulfill your undiscovered needs and complete your lifestyle.

Example – the lines used in promotion of all nighter watch by fast track is – juz one drink and later written where I am ? Which provides supraliminal message that the user is party animal.

3. Target subconscious mind.

It’s very important for marketers to put their product information in the mind of consumer even when they are unaware of the fact that they have been feeded with the information about marketers brand. It’s been found that people always state socially acceptable reason for the purchase of product. But marketers need to aim the actual reason for purchase. The best one can do is try to appeal basic human instincts. The promotion should be done that the product is been represented to serve hedonic needs and private self.

Example – the fast track watches tries to represent the stud nature of guys which is not socially supported by society.

4. Trigger the mirror neurons.

The advertisement should be appealing so that consumer feels it’s relatable to them. Once they get this feeling the mirror neuron in brain gets activated which allows them to imagine themselves as desirable and attractive as people they see in advertisement.

Example – the celebs used for promotion of fast tracks are often belongs to background of gaming, adventure, travel lovers, ready to explore oneself.

5.Follow the KISS principle in ads.

KISS – keep it simple, stupid. The ads should convey simple message to be understood easily. The message should be represented in a way that viewer finds it interesting and gets engage easily with the ads. The message must contain consumer interest.

6. Go for structural stimuli.

The structural stimuli focus on repetition and novelty. Novelty means uniqueness. If marketer wants to retain customers then keep reinventing. For repetition purpose select 360 degree campaign. The brand should start occupying part of their life by Promotion. Promoting products both in online world and offline will help customers to retain information about the product and brand.

Example – the promotion of all nighters watch by fast track is been done on GAANA app, instagram, facebook and so on.

7. Try to maximize selective retention.

Want to increase sales, then focus on maximising selective retention. The customer tends to remember good points. For selective retention focus on selective exposure of information about the brand and product. Display the facts which can attract more customers rather than basic features.

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